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Easily build a diversified portfolio of private market investments through a simple quarterly subscription.

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Private markets present a unique opportunity to achieve higher returns compared to public markets due to the ability to invest in companies during earlier stages of growth. As more companies delay going public, significant value creation occurs in the private sphere, leaving less upside for public market investors. This makes private market investing an increasingly attractive option for investors seeking higher returns, diversification and stability.


Previously reserved for ultra-high net worth investors and institutions, our platform democratises access to Europe's most exclusive private market deals. Leveraging our extensive network and new pan-European regulations, we syndicate investors to surpass capital requirements and open doors to opportunities once out of reach. Welcome to the future of investing.


At PitchedIt, trust is paramount. We're proud to be seeking authorisation from the Central Bank of Ireland under stringent European regulations, ensuring your investments are secure. Our handpicked partners boast proven track records, providing top-tier investment opportunities to help you succeed. Together, we cultivate confidence and lasting relationships to empower your financial future.


Experience unparalleled simplicity with PitchedIt. Our platform streamlines private market investing by sourcing top tier deals, handling all legal requirements and offering intelligent portfolio tracking. Start building a diversified portfolio through a convenient quarterly subscription. Let us simplify your private market journey, providing ease and efficiency every step of the way.

Risk Warning
All forms of investments carry a degree of risk, particularly those involving start-up companies. Such investments are at risk of illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution and should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. PitchedIt is targeted at investors who have sufficient understanding of these risks. Only sufficiently sophisticated investors will be permitted to invest through our platform, or those who meet the criteria through our risk-based assessment. Pitches on the PitchedIt platform are not offers made to the public. Investments can only be made by authorised PitchedIt members on the basis of information provided in the pitches by the companies concerned. Please read our full risk warning for more details.